Since I was a teenager (a very long time ago) I suffered from allergies to grass, trees, dust, pets and more. To help with this, I took a Loratadine tablet every day. Lats week I wondered if the alternative (Cetirizine) that is easily available might be more effective. It was more effective, or seemed to be, but after about two weeks on these, I seemed to be becoming depressed so I did some research. And yes, antihistamines are associated with depression.

I have now chosen to stop all antihistamines and within a few days the depression lifted and I feel completely different. So, if you are taking antihistamines and also feel extra tired or depressed, try coming off them for a while and see what happens. The worse you might get is a lot of sneezing, the best is a new life.

Why Are we Here?

If you haven’t been following my blog then before you read this post I would recommend that you start with my first blog (One Life? Or Many Lives?) and read back from there. Please remember that these are just my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes they may seem crazy, but I hope they will make you think and question life and its meaning. Between us, maybe we can learn the truth.


Why are we here? This has been on the minds of many religious people as well as many non religious people as well. Some people believe that we are simply an accident of nature. If that is the case, then there is no point even thinking about why we are here. But if, like me, you think there is more to life than a simple “you are born, you live, you die” then welcome to some of my thoughts on the subject.

Established religions generally work on the idea that we are here to learn lessons or to be tested. If the religion in question does not agree with the idea of multiple lives, or re-incarnation, then there is little point since some people pass on before they get the chance to learn anything or pass any tests – this was what first made me doubt religion when I was a child. If we can accept, at least for the moment, that we live a multiple set of lives, then perhaps learning lessons could be the reason we are here. But I still have a problem because why do we not remember each previous life? Surely, if we are to grow and learn, then remembering previous lives and their lessons could help us in the next one. Imagine being in school and learning a lesson one day which you cannot remember the next. It would be a long school term! Perhaps then, there is more going on than this.

My introduction to a serious study of re-incarnation came from a book by Brian Weiss called Many Lives, Many Masters. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an interest in the subject. He has written many books on the subject, but start with this one, I think it is the most enlightening. But before I had even heard of this book, I had been introduced to reincarnation by a friend back in the 60s. As most people know, the 60s was a time of experimentation and free thinking as well as of drugs. We will gloss over the drugs. This friend was a medium and with a small group of friends we would meet at her flat and discuss the universe and the spiritual or metaphysical world. Sometimes she would bring us messages, many were very relevant and often included details which I was unsure she would normally have known so my faith in the reality of what was happening grew.

One evening, when I was the only person with her and she was drifting off into a trance, I asked her the burning question. “Why are we here?” Her response was a surprise as she told me a story which has stayed with me ever since.  It is many years since I heard the story, and it was not completely coherent even then but basically what she said was . . . .

In the beginning there was just Energy. This is what we now call God. For a reason that was not revealed in the story, this energy decided to invent a physical universe. This universe was then, and is now, simply energy arranged into different frequencies to form different things and beings. What we think of as living beings were originally simple single cell organisms. Rules were applied to the universe which was allowed to evolve as it saw fit, subject to these rules. It was a bit like the modern PC game SIMS except the subjects could control themselves, but always subject to the laws that had been laid down. Time went by and the simple organisms evolved into creatures of a wide variety of types using the rules to guide their development. Eventually the evolution produced humans and it was then that the problem occurred – some of the humans wanted to create their own offspring. They wanted to create something out of nothing rather than change the structure of the energy to create new, different beings from the existing energy. This they went on and did.

So the Energy had a new, but flawed part. And it’s this rogue part that has to have the lessons to get back to perfection. Each life we experience allows us to learn one or more lessons. Between lives, we discuss with the Energy what we need to learn to bring us back into the perfect whole that once was. We then experience this new life in a way that helps us learn the lessons we need. I am still of the belief that perhaps I would learn better if I could recall previous experiences, but I also believe that with my very limited knowledge of the whole, I am content to accept the way it is.

This split in the Energy has given rise to many different religious beliefs. I believe they are all flawed because they have such a limited view of the universe and the Energy that forms it. They have taken small thoughts and ideas and made them into facts and dogma. And worse, they then threaten the “non believer” with Hell and encourage the believer with a dream of Heaven. But only if the man-made rules are followed as dictated by the powers in the religion.

Each religion has its “holy” book which lays down the rule of the religion. These books are often claimed to have been handed down to a prophet by God. But even if this were so, how could the language of God be written in the language of man? It would have to be so limited that the concepts would be too corrupted. Consider how hard it would be to teach quantum physics to a child, or even most adults. The concepts are beyond their understanding and new language constructs are needed. So consider how much harder it would be for God, with his (her) vastly superior knowledge to explain things to us. So even if the holy books do come from God, they have to be very simplistic and must be accepted as such, not taken as the total set of rules to live by, but as a guide to more study and more understanding.



One life? Or many lives?

Most religions include reincarnation in their teachings. Even many of those religions that no longer do, did once. Until the powers within the religion realised that they had more power over their believers if they introduced the fire and brimstone threats.

When I was small, perhaps 8 or 9 years old, I was told that we are on Earth to learn and grow and if we lived a good life we would go to heaven. But if we lived a bad life we were destined to live all eternity in hell where we would be tormented with fire and other nasty things. This didn’t make sense to me, so I asked how this worked when a very young child died, I was told that they were going to heaven as they hadn’t had time to do anything wrong. Now that clearly wasn’t fair. Someone who lives for 80 years has so many opportunities to fail, that it didn’t seem right that they should be punished like this, when someone who passes on at an early age is rewarded with heaven.

So when someone introduced the idea of multiple lives to me, it made sense. Since then, I have wondered and asked, read and researched, and the more I looked, the more I began to understand about re-incarnation. I don’t have all the answers, I’m not sure I even have a few answers, but I am on the road to finding out and want share my thoughts with you.

Some years ago I studied and found out how wonderful hypnotherapy can be to help people overcome problems in their lives. One of the things that came from this was that I learned how to regress people to previous lives. This proved to be a real eye opener and made me more sure than I had ever been before that we live multiple lives. What I needed to do then was to learn why, if we are really spiritual beings, we need to experience lives in a physical form.

I will give more thoughts on this in later posts.